Slavonia is the most fertile and agriculturally productive region of Croatia, located in the east of the country. It is bordered by Hungary to the north, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the south and west, Serbia to the east, and the Croatian regions of Western and Northern Croatia to the west and northwest. Slavonia has a population of around 800,000 people and is one of five Croatian historical regions.
The main cities of Slavonia are Osijek and Vinkovci, located in the southern part of the region. In addition to its vast agricultural potential, Slavonia is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and beautiful scenery. Its capital, Osijek, is an important center of Croatian culture and has many historic old town buildings and monuments. Nearby is the world-renowned natural park of Kopa?ki rit, making Slavonia a great destination for nature lovers.
Slavonia is also well known for its abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, and other farm products. The extensive network of rivers, streams, and lakes in the region create a rich fish stock, making it a paradise for fishermen. Moreover, Slavonia is famous for its rich wine production. Locally produced varietals include Graševina, Frankovka, and Portugizac, among many others.
Overall, Slavonia is an area of great beauty and productivity with a fascinating cultural and natural heritage. Visitors to the region will find a wealth of experiences waiting for them.