Consumables, also known as durable goods, are products that can be used, consumed, or expended with use or over time. Examples of consumables include food, gasoline, clothing, and toiletries. These items are typically purchased for daily use and are needed to maintain our everyday lives.
The global market for consumable goods includes a range of different products. Food and beverage items make up the largest global segment and account for around 25 percent of total retail sales. Transportation and automotive items account for a significant portion of the market as well, and make up around 18 percent of all retail sales. Additionally, home and garden products, such as furniture and appliances, account for around 10 percent of global retail sales.
Consumable goods are an important part of the global economy due to their ability to drive consumption and spur economic growth. When people have access to the necessary goods and services they need, they are more likely to spend money on other goods, which increases overall economic activity. As such, the global market for consumables is heavily influenced by consumer spending levels and the overall economic health of countries.