Sellotape is a brand of clear adhesive tape, which was invented in the 1930s. It is composed of a thin film backing coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The name is derived from the words “cellophane” and “tape”.

Sellotape is a staple in homes, offices and schools and comes in many sizes and shapes, from rolls of tape to precut strips. It is typically used for general purpose applications such as sealing envelopes, mending paper, wrapping gifts and creating art projects. Its adhesive is strong enough to hold items together securely, but it can be easily removed without leaving residue. Sellotape is also safe for use on photos, paper, fabric and other materials.

The tape is known for its strong adhesion, long-lasting quality and versatility, which make it one of the most popular types of tapes to use. It’s also appreciated for its easy applicability and removal, and its ability to resist water and extreme temperatures. Sellotapes are available in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as different thicknesses, which makes it suitable for many projects.