Prelatism is the belief that church leaders are divinely appointed and hold a higher authority than secular leaders. This belief is often associated with the Anglican Church, but it can be found in other Christian denominations as well.
Prelatists believe that church leaders have a special relationship with God and are responsible for guiding their congregations in matters of faith and morals. They see these leaders as being chosen by God and therefore worthy of respect and obedience.
This view of church hierarchy can be controversial, as it can lead to a concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals. However, prelatists argue that this is necessary to ensure that the church remains faithful to its teachings and traditions.
Despite its critics, prelatism has been a part of Christian theology for centuries and continues to shape the beliefs and practices of many religious communities around the world. Whether or not one agrees with this worldview, it is important to recognize its influence and impact on the history of Christianity.