Pragmatists are individuals who prioritize practicality and usefulness over theoretical ideals or beliefs. They believe in focusing on what works and what can be proven through experience rather than relying on abstract concepts or ideologies. Pragmatists are often interested in finding practical solutions to real-world problems, using a combination of critical thinking, logic, and experimentation.
One of the key principles of pragmatism is the idea that truth is relative to context and can change over time. This means that pragmatists are open to new information and willing to adjust their beliefs and actions based on evidence and feedback. They are not rigid in their thinking and are willing to adapt to new situations and challenges.
Overall, pragmatists are driven by a desire for results and outcomes that benefit society as a whole. They are action-oriented and focused on finding real-world solutions that improve people’s lives. Pragmatists value practicality, flexibility, and progress, making them valuable contributors to problem-solving and innovation in various fields.