Intrigants are individuals who are involved in plotting or scheming, particularly in deceiving others for their own gain. These people may be skilled at manipulating situations and people to achieve their objectives. They often use tactics such as lying, secrecy, and flattery to gain the trust of those around them.
Intrigants can be found in various fields, including politics, business, and personal relationships. They are typically driven by a desire for power, wealth, or status. They may exploit the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of others to advance their own interests, often without regard for the consequences of their actions.
While intrigue can be effective in achieving one’s goals, it often comes at a cost. Intrigue tends to erode trust, breed suspicion, and create conflicts. It can also lead to legal or ethical violations, damaging relationships, and reputational harm. As such, it is important to recognize and avoid these behaviors and instead focus on building honest, transparent, and collaborative relationships with others.