The haversine formula is a mathematical equation used to calculate distances between two points on the Earth’s surface given their latitude and longitude coordinates. It is based on spherical geometry and takes into account the curvature of the Earth when calculating distances, making it a more accurate method for measuring distances over long distances compared to simpler methods like Euclidean distance calculations.
The haversine formula is especially useful in navigation and geospatial analysis, where precise distance measurements are required. It is commonly used in applications such as GPS navigation systems, mapping software, and flight planning tools to calculate the distance between two locations on the Earth’s surface.
The formula itself involves calculating the haversine function of the differences in latitude and longitude between two points, as well as the haversine of their respective latitudes and longitudes. By plugging these values into the formula, the distance between the two points can be accurately determined. Overall, the haversine formula is a powerful tool for calculating distances on a curved surface like the Earth and has a wide range of practical applications in various fields.