Folksiness is a quality that can be seen in all manner of things, from behavior and language to artistry and decor. It primarily refers to a style or attitude that has a deep connection to rural America, giving off an atmosphere of simplicity, tradition and a homey, comfortable feeling. Folksiness often has a sense of nostalgia, as it recalls a simpler time when people had more traditional values, and nature was all around them. Additionally, folksiness often conveys a sense of charm, creating an environment that puts people at ease.
Common elements of folksiness include old-fashioned dress and hairstyles, traditional homemade objects such as quilts and wood carvings, country music and stories, and familiar faces gathered around a warm fire. Folksiness can also be found in landscapes, such as a small cabin nestled in a clearing of trees or a lake surrounded by rolling hills. It can also be felt in more subtle ways, such as the way someone talks, moves and interacts with their surroundings.
Folksiness can be a great way to make a space more inviting and comfortable. It adds a sense of hominess and familiarity, even in places typically associated with sterility and technology. It can also help bridge the gap between the past and the present, providing a glimpse into how people once lived and interacted with each other.