Exurbia is defined as areas located beyond the suburbs and generally encompass rural, peri-urban, or even rapidly growing communities. Exurbs are characterized by low population density and often feature large single-family homes on acre-sized lots or larger. They attract affluent, often upper middle-class transplants who have chosen to move away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and find refuge in rural living.

Exurbs are usually associated with new home construction and development, as well as the abundance of retail businesses that cater to the needs of those who live in the area. Growth is usually attributed to the presence of nearby cities, either through direct commuting or as a result of commuter migration.

Exurbs can provide a plethora of opportunities for businesses, jobs, and recreation. However, with rapid growth comes a lack of affordable housing, displacement of lower-income households, and an increase in environmental impacts from development and traffic. Despite these issues, many exurbs remain desirable places to live, offering residents the benefits of rural living without having to move away from cities and towns.