Doubler is an online payment system that enables users to make cash-back payments without any fees. It works by connecting users to merchants who offer cash-back specials. When the user makes a purchase at the merchant, they will get cash-back rewards directly from the merchant, making their total cost lower than if they had used another payment method. This makes it an attractive option for people looking to save money on everyday purchases.
The process of using Doubler is straightforward and easy. All a user needs to do is sign up for an account and link up their preferred payment sources. After that, users can search through a variety of local and global merchants who are offering cash-back rewards. To make a purchase, users will simply enter their payment information into the Doubler platform and then wait for the cash-back reward to be deposited into their account.
Doubler offers a few extra benefits to its users. For instance, it offers the ability to view past transactions, save favorite merchants, and take advantage of discounts with special offers. Additionally, users can access their rewards at any time, with no waiting period. Overall, Doubler is a convenient and reliable way to save money while shopping online.