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AA Big Book and More

AA Big Book and more is now in the app store.  It is a free 12-step recovery resource app that contains the text of “Alcoholics Anonymous” otherwise known as the Big Book.  It also contains daily meditations from, my wife’s website.


TapPoll is a quiz and polling app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It can be used by instructors in the classroom for live, instant feedback of student devices. Students can use the quiz feature to study when they set up their own study guides. Students can share quizzes with their peers — even setting up a group password to limit who can see it. Additionally, public quizzes are available for everyone to use with more quizzes being added all the time. You can even submit your user created quiz for inclusion in the public quiz list (upon approval).

Restaurant Selector

Restaurant Selector ends the indecisiveness of the lunch time question…  Where do you want to eat?  Instead of “I don’t care, what do you want?” ad nauseam, just let the app do the deciding.  Just enter the potential restaurant names on the setting screen and click done.  Pressing “stop” will reveal the randomly determined selection.


iGoFirst is a simple app that I designed to end the arguments between our three children. Whenever they crank up the Wii; whenever they get a new game for the PC; whenever they play boardgames… iGofirst now steps in as the ultimate end to the bickering. It just randomly establishes the playing order for the children. The kids love it!